Eliciting something good from the bad

by cerwayne

Crisis is a problem, a deviation from the norm. It can be something unavoidable, no matter how much preparation you do. However, crisis isn’t necessarily bad. As they have said, “Every cloud has a silver lining – there is something good in every bad.” Something good comes out of every crisis.

Crisis can directly affect a company reputation. “If you have the right kind of approach to a misstep, being open, being honest, being transparent about it, people respect that a lot more than trying to cover up a misstep.” The first step is to admit what happened though. Just like what happened with Corbett during the Paddington crash. Refusing to resign or run away from the responsibility, he actually promised to make the railway safer. This in turn elicited positive reactions from the families of the victims, investors and even the government. In the end their shares doubled in value.

When there is a crisis, there is something that bothers the consumer. There is something that stops you or the consumer from achieving specific goals of objectives. Now, this can’t really be that bad if corrective actions are taken effectively. Jane Simms in the article Controlling a crisis stated that “People want to know that the problem is being addressed and solved.” It becomes something positive for the company. As stated, crisis is something you can’t exactly predict when and how it’ll happen. The important thing is how the company reacted to the crisis in the eyes of the public. “The media, not companies, decide when the crisis is over.”

The crisis can serve as a powerful tool in sending messages about the company. When a crisis occurs, they have to act quickly. The moment that they do nothing to solve it, the weaker they get. They should take proactive steps as soon as possible. In the same article, the author insisted that “But if companies handle a crisis well, it can be a building block that underpins all the other messages about the company. Careful planning can turn a crisis into an opportunity.” It is possible to turn things upside down. Instead of having the crisis damage the brand reputation, they can use the crisis to even build or strengthen their image.

Many companies fell on the belief that crisis is always something bad. Sure, crisis is a problem, it is something that can damage a company’s image or reputation. However good crisis management can turn things around. Crisis can be seen at a different light.  However the certainty depends on the people managing the company.